Liset van der Scheer

Liset: ‘ I am interested in harmony that provokes’

‘I want an interior that stimulates. The TeTTeX collection originates from my own need for expressive  furniture fabrics.

The designs tell a story in geometric shapes. They invite users to make their own combinations and to process the fabric in a creative manner’.

The textiles-designer behind TeTTeX is Liset van der Scheer. As Studio Van der Scheer she developed structures, designs, yarns, color series, and products for clients such as Van Besouw, Casalis, Danskina, and De Ploeg. In 2005 she was awarded the Dutch Design Award for a series of knitted bathroom textiles: an uncommon solution for a common product.

Van der Scheer not only possesses tremenduous knowledge of techniques and materials, but she also knows the market. Based on intensive research, both at fairs and  through trade journals, she has an acute sense for what the consumer will be looking for. The TeTTeX label originated from her own desire for expressive fabrics for furniture.

‘While almost everything, everywhere, looks for tasteful harmony, in my designs I always search and aim for things that are exciting. I like disbalance. It keeps you more alert.’

Van der Scheer started her career as a textile-designer at VLISCO. In her series of jaquard-woven fabrics in geometric designs her early fascination for storytelling fabrics and her knowledge and experience come together. Every fabric has its own charismatic presence which, through their interchangeability, allows users to create their own stories.